Tomb of Karai Senryu I (Metropolitan Historic Site)

Ryuho-ji Temple, 4 chome 36-7, Kuramae

 Karai Hachiemon, founder of Senryu (humorous seventeen-syllable poetry) was born in 1718. Besides being the head of a village, he enjoyed a good reputation as a Senryu poet for 33 years. He passed away in 1790 at the age of 73. His pen name was Senryu and this humorous seventeen-syllable poetry has
been called "Senryu" since the Meiji era.
 The left-hand tombstone is for Senryu 1. On the surface the names of Senryu I and his wife and Senryu 3 and his wife are engraved from right to left.
 On the right-hand tombstone, the names of Senryu II and his wife were engraved but they are now illegible due to erosion.
 Behind the tomb site to the right of the tomb stone of Senryu I, a centennial monument was set up for him in 1889.