Tomb of Hiraga Gennai

Tomb of Hiraga Gennai (National Historic Site)

2 chome 22-2, Hashiba

 Hiraga Gennai was a scholar and author who lived in the middle of the Edo period (1728 to 1779). Although he was not a particularly successful businessman, he made various inventions and took part in development of products for various purposes, including exploitation of mineral resources, production of ceramics and woolen goods. On the other hand, he did leave several literary works behind, such as books and dramas. He committed a murder in November 1779 and died of illness in a prison on December 18. His body was buried in the Sosenji Temple that was situated in this area. The Sosenji Temple was moved to Azusawa in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, in 1928, but the tomb of Gennai remained preserved in this area and was designated a national historical site in 1943.